Hoshi Collective


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This stellar Kimono style piece is elaborated by 10 women artisans from Yucatan spanning different generations. Their work is an ancestral technique called “Xmanikbeen” where the fabric is delicately frayed and then embroidered, an artistry that involves the making of moulds and a grid based on particular patterns, applied to fine linen. 

Hoshi-AM “Xmanikbeen” design makes reference to a deconstructed Cacti. The Cacti is an abundant sight on the beautiful landscapes in Mexico since pre-hispanic times and a strong symbol in the country’s history and culture. We also adopted the Cacti as the icon of our collaboration because it is customary to be gifted to wish fortitude to its recipient as it is a plant characterised by its resistance and simple upkeep.



. Black linen

.100% linen

. Dry clean or delicate machine wash

 Size - One size

This item measures approximately  65cm wide / 25" x 100cm / 39" long.

Tailored for a loose fit.