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IKAT Scarf

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Rebozos or traditional “Mexican Shawls” have been characteristic of Mexican culture for centuries. Mainly used to carry babies and large bundles, they can also be worn folded, wrapped around the head and upper body to shade from the sun, or provide warmth.  The wearing of a rebozo is said to make the movement of a woman more graceful.

In Hoshi-AM we re-purposed this beautiful handmade skill into a chic scarf. Our rebozos are woven by a master artisan family from Hidalgo (Mexico), that has transmitted the technique throughout generations. Our scarfs are made of cotton in a pedal loom and with an ikat method pattern. 

They can be used as an accessory that can carry from beach to a night out.


. Color Off white/black

. Color Lemon/black

. 100% mercerised cotton

Size - One size

This item measures approximately 28" cm wide x 36" cm long