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Hanami silk scarf

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Hoshi's silk scarf  comes from our connection with the Japanese culture.

Kimono (きもの/着物, lit., "thing to wear") is the traditional garment and national dress of Japan.

Our skinny scarfs are made reusing the "hakkake" (八掛 - the lining of a Kimono) of gently used Kimonos.

The Hanami scarf can be worn around your neck, hair or the handles of your bag.

Each scarf is unique. 

Ombre silk 
100% silk from a vintage Japanese kimono
Width: 8 cm / 3.15 inch
Length: 110 cm / 43.3 inch
Made in Chicago

Store your scarf in a flat and untied way. Dry clean only.

We carefully chose each of one of them to ensure that the silk was in its best condition. We do try to only recycle the most pristine fabrics. Vintage fabrics may have tiny defects. If any exist, they are light, and hard to spot.