About Us

Hoshi Collective was founded in 2018 in Chicago.

The Hoshi concept was inspired by experiences lived for the past 15 years in 7 different countries. The journey across three continents developed the strong interest in how traditions are preserved, and how the cultural heritages are passed on from generation to generation. 

Hoshi Collective creations are meant to become an active conduit of cultural preservation.

Since 2020 Sonia single handedly leads Hoshi Collective, bringing a contemporary approach to tradition and creating timeless pieces.

Why the name “Hoshi Collective”?

Hoshi (星) means Star in Japanese, our Star is a unifying element. Independently of where we are in the world, we all look at the same Sun (日).

Combining tradition-rich know-how, innovative design and quality, Hoshi collective aims to create timeless pieces for women, who are looking to define their own style, sourcing from cultures around the world.

Each product is developed having in mind the transmission of a craft, respecting a sustainable and ethical approach that strengthens the preservation of a traditional craft.

Doing Good / Ways of Working

We are also focused in impacting many lives, through their ways of working, so with every purchase they give back 1% of each sale to a non-profit organization.